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Me-Olyad Trading .PLC was established in Ethiopia in June 2022 as an exporting company for coffees and agricultural commodities. We also promote farmers by providing advanced farming technologies to ensure production of high-quality coffee that is of great value.
we are committed to offering unique coffees, guiding you in the process to bring you the experience of the world, through the best quality beans. With a passion for Ethiopian Coffee, Me-olyad trading plc is proud to be a key player in the coffee industry. Me-Olyad Trading Company founders empower clients by providing coffees that ensure their product sales remain high.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To be Globally recognized and leading import- export company.

Our Mission

Our Mission

we are committed to Surrounding and Supplying high quality products to our business partners while uploading concern for the society and the environment we are working in at the hearts of what we do.

Our Values









Support functions:

Our various businesses are supported by diverse functions ensuring and allowing them to be effective and efficient, therefore guaranteeing a steady growth and expansion.

  • Logistic division
  • Human resource division
  • Audit, compliance & asset management division
  • Finance division
  • Project Management Unit & Business Development Service

Delivery performance and reliability

  • Our organization is continuously looking to meet its customers’ expectations;
  • We always strive to respect their demand and make on time deliveries, our priority is to ensure our timeliness and our reliability all the time.

Management systems and risk management

Quality management: Quality is one of the core values that drive our organization.

  • We work hard and guarantee to provide high quality goods and services for all our customers.
  • We ensure that international quality standards are respected for all our commodities and make sure that our partners provide us with their best products with certified quality.
    Risk management approach:

    Through all our trading activities we try to identify and avoid the
    potential cost, schedule and performance/technical risks in any part of our supply chain.
  • Our compliance service helps us stay vigilant and up to date, all the time, about any changes that can be affecting our work or stalling our business.
  • Having a reliable data also enables us to pin point exactly areas that need to be addressed accordingly and hence improve our organization’s efficiency and business responsiveness.
  • Increase our competence through integrated data and process across our multiple divisions and


Me-Olyad Trading PLC

Jemo mall Building, 3rd Floor
Nifas Silak Lafto Sub city
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Managing Director : Mr. Tefera Anbessa



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